HD Online Games - SwiffoutGames http://swiffoutgames.com Newest Games The Company of Myself http://swiffoutgames.com/Default-category/245/The-Company-of-Myself.html Galactic Warfare http://swiffoutgames.com/Action/240/Galactic-Warfare.html Defend your space base from being destroyed by oncoming enemies, and asteroids! Use your high technology space turret! Build your own game like this on Pulado.com! Build Your Own Games Xtreme Chomper http://swiffoutgames.com/Action/239/Xtreme-Chomper.html You are a very agressive shark, and are ready for your dinner, Eat as many fish as you can within the time limit to go on to the next level! Build your own game like this on Pulado.com! Build Your Own Games Стремительное Такси (Taxi Rush) http://swiffoutgames.com/Action/238/Стремительное-Такси-(Taxi-Rush).html Мчитесь как можно скорее! Нажимайте клавиши-стрелки влево и вправо, чтобы поворачивать, клавиши вверх и вниз, чтобы управлять скоростью, и пробел, чтобы прыгать через другие автомобили. Вертолетный Бой (Helicopter Combat) http://swiffoutgames.com/Action/237/Вертолетный-Бой-(Helicopter-Combat).html Отличный шутер, в котором вы являетесь пилотом вертолета. Победите многочисленных врагов на разных уровнях. Улучшайте свой вертолет. Зловещие Ночи (Evil Nights) http://swiffoutgames.com/Action/236/Зловещие-Ночи-(Evil-Nights).html Когда на этот город сходит ночь, в него приходят и демоны. К счастью жителей вашего города, вы владеете магией и ненавидите демонов. Отгоните демонов прочь, чтобы защитить граждан города, используя ваши разные магические способности. Get Married Test http://swiffoutgames.com/Girls/235/Get-Married-Test.html Do you want to know more about yourself? And maybe you wanna know when you get married. Play this test and find screts about yourself. Destructotruck http://swiffoutgames.com/Physic/227/Destructotruck.html A nicely polished little game with good graphic, make the best jump you can with your awesome truck Soul Brother http://swiffoutgames.com/Puzzle/226/Soul-Brother.html Soul Brother is a fun 2D puzzle where you take the power that your soul is in. It can be anything. Some levels might be trickier, but that's the fun no ! enDice Complete http://swiffoutgames.com/Experimental/225/enDice-Complete.html Feed Mee http://swiffoutgames.com/Action/224/Feed-Mee.html Pixel Legions http://swiffoutgames.com/Strategy/223/Pixel-Legions.html Bus Stop http://swiffoutgames.com/Action/222/Bus-Stop.html SteamBirds http://swiffoutgames.com/Action/221/SteamBirds.html Homerun in Berzerk Land http://swiffoutgames.com/Action/220/Homerun-in-Berzerk-Land.html Zombie Mall http://swiffoutgames.com/Action/219/Zombie-Mall.html Generic Defense Game http://swiffoutgames.com/Default-category/218/Generic-Defense-Game.html It’s a survival shooter, a turret defense game, it’s so generic it’s unique! This bad-boy gives you 8 different games in one, with a ton of options to deliver a unique experience every time you play. — Fixed the same-weapon bug and tweeked some settings to make the auto-drones less dominating… hope that helps balance the fun out. Some of the games are easier than others, so you may have to try them all to find your niche ;) Read more about the game @ http://www.webgamemagazine.com/ rotaZion http://swiffoutgames.com/Default-category/217/rotaZion.html In rotaZion, you play with a bubble bar that you can’t stop rotating ! Collect the bubbles and try to avoid the mines ! Collect the different bonus to protect your bubble bar, makes the mines go slower or destroy all the mines ! Try to beat 100.000 points ;) City Siege http://swiffoutgames.com/Action/216/City-Siege.html A very nice war game with lots of units and power up. Save the hostages with your finely trained warriors. Collapse It http://swiffoutgames.com/Physic/215/Collapse-It.html If the sky could fall on their head it would hurt. Especially if the sky is made of brick and mortars. A well done physic game, not that original, but still addictive.