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I’m considering creating a kind of SDK for developers that would like to distribute their flash games as full screen executables. The usage would usually be to create extra levels for games under that format and propose users to pay to download them as desktop app. Projector already exists to do this, but is not appropriate for games as flash is too slow to play fast on large resolutions.

This SDK would be derived from the technology I built for my now free swiffout extension that allows players to play full screen anywhere without horrible lags. I already talked about it on the kong forums here : http://www.kongregate.com/forums/1/topics/670?page=5 , or you can install it from http://swiffout.com if you want to test it.

I talked to a game dev who was really interested into licensing the technology for creating full screen flash executable specifically targeted at games at a much cheaper rate that swfkit is (the express version is $100 ).

I have some rework to do first, so I was wondering if some of you would be interested too and if you are, what you think would be a good price for that service. You can contact me by email at contact@grownsoftware.com if you prefer.

If you’re interested in knowing how this evolve and when it releases, drop me a email as well with ‘just for info for swiffout app’ in the body. I’ll warn you of progress.

HTML5 vs flash war is a joke
Posted by: Ecaradec, January 15 2011 - 0 comments

Flash 11 is going a be a huge beast of gaming, just look at the following impressive video...  Yes this is flash if you have any doubt.

Historically flash has been slow because it's mostly a software renderer. What does that means ?

Why is is possible ? You know that super pricey video games card you bought to play games in top quality : today flash just ignore it. This video means that adobe has finally ported it's player to the new GPU infrastructure and that flash will finally use hardware and that flash will be fast, very fast. It will also consume less power which can be nice too for the casual mobile gamer because the GPU with it's specialized circuit can do more work with much less power.

So does that means that flash games are going to be great in 3d and just the usual lag in 2D ? Not at all. We will see 2D engine as well, sprite rotation, deformations, and this will be cheap, because 2D is just 3D seen from the above of course. This means that we'll be able to have many more units, think RTS games in flash.

I have been hoping that that this new platform will get the attention it deserve, it would be very disappointing if the HTML5 fanboy techies with their pseudo-games get all the hype, because I'm sure the gamers will make the right choice.

SwiffOutGames is an hobby website, as you can see there is no ads. I'm having fun with it, sometimes games will be a little bit old because I have no time to update them all.

Unlike many website, you can play almost every games in any category. I guaranty they are fun to at least one person. Me !

SwiffOutGames is also built around a special product : SwiffOut Super Fullscreen. SwiffOut is a browser extension to play flash games in fullscreen. It is similar to the Flash Game Maximizer Firefox extension but better. In particular it is really full screen, it hide all the desktop and the browser and beyond that, it is more efficient. It is also works with IE, Firefox and Chrome.

This is an extension for people who really care about flash games and who want to really enjoy them at their true potential.

If you play flash games between noon and 2PM, this is not the good extension. It would scare you...

Still here ?

Ok, you might be the one... Let's play, in super screen.

Super fullscreen mode

This button you can see on SwiffOutGames run games in super fullscreen mode.

You must install super fullscreen first to use it. It is free.

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